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Juan de Souza

About Me

My name is Juan, I'm 20 years old, I am a businessman, investor, blogger, streamer and podcaster. I was very proud to start my first business at the age of 10 using a limited connection in Brazil, specifically in a country town.

Juan de Souza


My Experience
Founder & CEO
2016 - Until Now

Created on January 23, 2016, I am the Founder & CEO of TFX Startup International, with coverage for the international market and more than 740 clients served.

Translation Volunteer
2017 - Until Now

Since April 15, 2017, I am a member of Google Translate Community. My goal is to help improve the Google Translate system for millions of people worldwide.

Editor-in-Chief and Editor
2010 - 2019

From April 8, 2010, I created my first business and was the Editor-in-Chief and Editor until November 2, 2019, totaling almost 10 years of a great story.

CTO and Digital Security Manager
2013 - 2016

Exactly on June 23, 2013, I became CTO and Digital Security Manager at a construction company in Rio de Janeiro, being responsible for the smooth operation of the company in the market segment.

IT and Digital Scalability Manager
2012 - 2015

Since March 18, 2012, I became responsible for the IT management, Digital Security and Digital Scalability part of a renowned construction company in Rio de Janeiro, directed to the specific B2B and B2C department.

My Education
Escola Dínamis
2016 - 2016

Yes, another change. The school directed High School students to the company that bought it in previous years.

Colégio Stockler
2015 - 2015

I moved from the countryside to a large city (capital of Rio de Janeiro) and chose to study at this private school.

Colégio ICT
2014 - 2014

I studied at this private High School-wide school, but I particularly didn't like it and changed it the following year.

Colégio Themis de Almeida Vieira
2010 - 2013

I changed schools again because the previous one was only until the fourth grade (or fifth grade). I enjoyed the experience.

Escola Municipal Bahia
2008 - 2009

After leaving the previous school, in a turbulent period, I began to attend a public school, with few resources.

Escola Renarice
2003 - 2007

It was the first private school I studied since I was a child. Good times by the way!


My Concepts



Igor Barreto

"Before you can be a good businessman, you must be a good person, a good colleague, someone who gives people confidence and security. I can, therefore, attest that Juan has these and many other skills that will help him (and will) to overcome any possible hurdle that comes your way. We study together in High School and I can say that with strong will and determination, Juan began his journey, a journey that rewards him every day and is a source of inspiration for anyone."

- Igor Barreto, International Relations Specialist
Tiago Durães

"Juan is more than an entrepreneur, more than an entrepreneur, more than a visionary. He is also a good person and one of the most evolved and knowledge-rich people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! conversations are always full of content and quality. Big hug my friend and I wish you happiness and success today and always!"

- Tiago Durães
Renan Kinetz Wächter

"Juan is a very promising professional. Always attentive to the needs and trends of the market, he does a unique job in creating quality solutions in the most varied areas. I strongly believe in the integrity of his activities."

- Renan Kinetz Wächter, Software Implementation Specialist at Nexxera Group
Cassio Lopez

"Juan is an extremely responsible and skilled professional, his companies help to develop business, it is of my utmost confidence, I always recommend him!"

- Cassio Lopez, Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur at Cassio Lopez Hair Lounge
Vitor Franco Braga

"Juan is very good with people. Despite having several skills that stand out for me most is his relationship with people. He understands and serves his clients very well and knows how to communicate. People management, sales, customer relationship and The development of solutions according to the needs of each client are the areas where Juan is most promising."

- Vitor Franco Braga, Entrepreneur
Alexandre Torres

"Juan is a professional who, despite his young age, surprised me a lot. Both his technical competence and his organizational and management knowledge. I strongly recommend him!"

- Alexandre Torres, Systems Support Specialist at IBM - DB2
Douglas Novo

"Congratulations Juan de Souza! For doing a great job in your company and helping many people with information!!!"

- Douglas Novo, Personal Trainer
Lucas Andrade

"Juan is an excellent manager and founder, still 16 years old... an inspiration... Very good the service being provided to my business; the service is very good, different... And the ecosystem used is a very positive point."

- Lucas Andrade, BnE Tech

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