Juan de Souza
Juan de Souza
Founder and CEO of TFX Startup

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My name is Juan de Souza, I'm 17 years old, Founder and CEO of TFX Startup, a place where runs innovative services and projects. The brand’s main focus are Brazil, countries of America and Portugal. My journey started at the age of 10 with the "TFX" site, at that time I couldn’t move properly on a computer, however, the willingness to learn (even on a dial-up connection).

That’s why I decided, on 8 April 2010, to open a website, so that I could share the knowledge I learned gradually. Since I was born from a humble family without great references, a lot of challenges and adversities tried to block me. Nonetheless, here I am today, chief of a great company and ready to face any difficulty ahead of me towards a bright future.

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Proficiency in English and Spanish
  • Graphic Design
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Games Development
  • Writing Skills
  • Financial Management and People Management
CTO and Digital Marketing in STYLO & ART

In this incredible company, my job is to take care of all Infrastructure and Scalability, as well as Blenner OS Enterprise. In addition, I am responsible for the Marketing sector of the company, making it innovative in a very promising segment.

Finance in STYLO & ART

In addition to taking care of the Technological and Marketing part of the company, I am responsible for managing the Cash Flow, Flow Chart, Organization Chart and the Schedule with Blenner OS Enterprise, but specifically in Cloud Computing, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Professional Content Producer

To further expand the "TFX" portal I'm betting on a new idea: a YouTube channel with several competitive differentials. In other words, in the first half of 2017, several innovative resources will be available to our audience!

Producer of Podcasts

One of the ways that I identify myself the most are podcasts, where people can listen to the episodes whenever they want. In addition, this model is widely used to conduct interviews and openly discuss various topics. Currently, I have three channels: TFX, Sonia Ideias and Blenner OS in the main services.


With the creation of the startup, I was able to understand the importance of having good financial management. At first I did not have a more accurate view of the national market and, especially, of the international market. After understanding the market, I can say that any company without a financial projection, without efficient control, without decision making can not offer its customer a product with quality and a good price.


What few know about Blenner OS, for example, is that it arose from internal demand from the "TFX" portal and the blog "Sonia Ideias", which were very slow and it was not uncommon for both to be out of breath successively To heal once and for all these problems, a differentiated system that only rolled in the Cloud began to be developed in 2013 without the need to install any app or plugin.


In recent years, I have been able to gradually improve my people management and the management of my business, with the use of new technologies, entrepreneurship, creativity in negotiation techniques and, mainly, the understanding of how to articulate people to reach certain goals. With many challenges, we are prepared to make decisions and deal with the constant changes in the national and international scenario.


Although it is cliché, the simple fact of being happy with yourself is already a big step. It is an energy that infects and makes you more productive and, as a consequence, money will come from excellent work done. Are you going to whine? Do not let anyone take away your shine and your dreams. Regardless of where you came from or where you are right now, the most important thing is where you want to come with your goals.


Another interesting curiosity is that I was lousy to write a simple argumentative text. However, with the advent of the "TFX" portal, this situation has changed for the better. My biggest "record" of writing was the nostalgia of the "Harry Potter" series, with more than 3,596 words in just one post. In addition, editing the blog articles "Sonia Ideias" helped me a lot to identify and cure any spelling mistakes and, at the same time, learn from mistakes.


With all the adversities that I have experienced, I learned something fundamental for any entrepreneur: to focus on solving his own problem. It is no use complaining about all life, besides being completely unpleasant a person who lives complaining, the negative energy is terrible. So I've learned to focus on solutions, through innovative ideas that make a difference, and help thousands, or maybe millions, of people.

Renarice Educational Institution
Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro

It was the first private school I studied, staying in it until 2007 (after completing the second grade of Primary). It was soon after, that I entered a Public School, at a very difficult time of my life.

Bahia Municipal School
Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro

After leaving the private school, in a turbulent moment, I started attending a municipal school, which had few resources, both technological and didactic.

Themis de Almeida Vieira School
Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro

During this period I studied from the fifth grade to the eighth grade of Elementary, and in the sixth grade I was dependent on Mathematics, succeeding the following year.

ICT School
Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro

In 2014, with few financial resources, I joined an institution that focused on Technical Courses, with which I did not identify myself. It was literally a very difficult year at a school that did not add up to anything.

Stockler School
Gávea, Rio de Janeiro

At the end of 2014, I decided to live with my father and stepmother. During this same period, I took a test to enter a private High School where I did not get excellent grades, but it was enough to join the institution. The experience was one of the best I could experience, with resources that none of the other institutions have been able to provide.

Dínamis School
Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

However, at the end of 2015, this same institution decided to close the High School (all periods), directing the students to another unit, located in Botafogo, with a very similar methodology, since Stockler School was of the same group.

My Business
TFX Brazil

An innovative site that prioritizes exclusively the content produced.

Sonia Ideias
Sonia Ideias

A blog that seeks to add value to society, addressing various issues.

Virtual Store

A shop that prioritizes Premium Service and the experience for clients.

Blenner OS
Cloud Computing
Blenner OS

A system that seeks to provide Innovative solutions for your business!

UpGamer Engine
UpGamer Engine

An engine that innovates in features, with code lines optimized for 4K.

Flyto Adventures
Flyto Adventures

Flyto Adventures is a Brazilian Indie game in development.


Platform that will reinvent the electronic waste disposal market in America.


A minimalist platform for Designers to organize their ideas.

Vanna OS
Artificial Intelligence
Vanna OS

An artificial intelligence with the purpose of helping our users and clients.

My Posts
Paralympics Games Rio: Superation
09 September
Paralympics Games Rio: Superation

It takes a lot to upstage the Paralympic opening ceremony daredevil who flew down a 55ft ramp on a wheelchair, but former athlete Marcia Malsar did just that. When carrying the flaming torch over its last stretch in pouring rain, Masla, who won 200m gold in the New York 1984 Paralympics, fell and instantly got back up.

Startup: Challenges and Achievements
04 September
Startup: Challenges and Achievements

Lately, much has been said about "Startups", that is very good. However, some people forget the famous "flip side" because the challenges are daily, and the way you handle these situations, will define whether your business will grow to success or not.


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